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Re: PER IL 2021 .... DESIDERI see Strelets' first set

Ciao Luca, in realtà il primo set di Strelets aveva tutti quei personaggi. (Campo dell'Esercito Francese) Ma sono d'accordo che c'è sempre un caso per un set di sostegno non-combattimento. Come se suggerisse un bivacco. Dovrebbe essere prevalentemente personale, cavalli, cani e muli, ecc., e le tende dovrebbero essere lasciate ai produttori che possono produrli a buon mercato; forse in polistirolo. Come Strelets hanno già prodotto il campo francese (Disponibile da Hannants) forse Strelets può aumentare quel set con bavarese, britannico e prussiano.

Hello Luca actually Strelets' first set had all those characters. (French Armies camp) But I agree there is always a case for supporting a non-combat set. Like as you suggest a bivouac set. It would need to be predominately personnel, horses, dogs and mules etc., and the tents should be left to manufacturers who can produce them cheaply; perhaps in polystyrene. As Strelets have already produced the French camp (Available from Hannants) perhaps Strelets can augment that set with Bavarian, British and Prussian.

Re: PER IL 2021 .... DESIDERI see Strelets' first set

I have a very small list - 1812 Russian dragoons in dismounted order.

Re: PER IL 2021 .... DESIDERI see Strelets' first set

It is simply great to see a figures producers coming out with such a waste range of, let me say it...very nice figures.

Why not going completely....out of the Box?
What about MESOAMERICA/CONQUISTADORES? Would love to see Strelets version of it:grinning:

Or...MAORI WARS?...Maoris performing a haka :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (kidding)

Or..PLAIN WARS?...some ACW figure are usable here and already available, "INJUNS" are missing.

I know these are of "lesser" interest, but dreaming about it is for free. :wink: :sunglasses:


Re: PER IL 2021 .... DESIDERI see Strelets' first set

My wishlist for 2021:

US Rangers 1812 M106
British Infantry at Gallipoli M135
Turkish Infantry at Gallipoli M136
WWI Turkish Assault Troops M137
Russian Tatschanka

War of Spanish Sucession
Generic Artillery
French Light Cavalry
Austrian Infantry - 2 sets: marching/standing and attacking/firing
Hungarian Hussars
Bavarian Cuirassiers
Dutch Infantry
Prussian Infantry
Spanish Infantry

Russian Infantry 1812/13: firing/loading and attacking
Austrian Uhlans
Baden Infantry
Prussian Uhlans Attacking
Prussian Cuirassiers 1813-15
Spanish Artillery
Lützow Freikorps as assault troops or resting

Zouaves - eventually Louisiana Zouaves

Byzantines 11th-12th century

and many, many civliians sets from Antique Greek till 19th century