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Re: What are you painting?(or converting)?

Long term 1066, I've completed Strelets big boxes and just finished Tumbling Dice Vikings plus the usual suspects so for this lockdown its TD Anglo Saxons.
As I write its Italeri Gladiators as a companion set to Orion Gladiators. Once finished, this week I'll be onto the Arena. With all the acts including animals, chariots, martyrs and fighters I'll be able to supply a main feature and full supporting programme. I could do with an audience (any suggestions).
So many soldiers, so little time..

Re: What are you painting?

Trying to get a range of Commonwealth carriers - attempting on and off (struggling!) to convert a PSC universal carrier to a Windsor carrier. Need to finish off painting my strelet heavy WW1 howitzer.

World at War A9 and A9CS have just been completed so could really do with some BEF figures or early WW2 Italian campaign figures would be welcomed from Strelet to go with them!

Re: What are you painting?

I love how different everyone's projects are. and detailed, and esoteric!