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Re: To Strelets - the greatcoats lines

Totally agree. Without greatcoats also.
I also agree that there should be either sets of Fusiliers on their own or make the sets with the correct ratio of fusilier to flank together (My preferred format).
Think a French battalion was 4 Fusilier to 2 Flank (1 Light, 1 Grenadier).
So please, not just boxes filled with flank troops.

Re: To Strelets - the greatcoats lines

Allan, in particular Russian troops tended to wear the greatcoat about 8 months a year. Might have something to do with the climate.

Re: To Strelets - the greatcoats lines

I'll second what has been said above. Despite the many French infantry sets available, the definitive set has not yet been made. All current offerings are either lacking in sculpting quality, historical accuracy or only offer flanking companies. If there was a good quality, historically accurate set with the right proportions of fusiliers and grenadiers/ voltigeurs I would buy many of them. French line infantry in greatcoats with the right balance between flanking companies and grenadiers would be even better. Quick to paint up and they look quite grim and daunting en masse. I would buy a whole army of those ...

Re: To Strelets - the greatcoats lines

Hi everyone,
Great enthusiasm I can see although I was more on the Coalition sides of the planet than the French (although I am French 😀).
I believe a line of Austrian, Prussian, Wurtemberg, Bavarian and of course Russian troops in greatcoats would great especially covering all the poses.
Ofcourse if Strelets team think the market isn't big enough maybe these lines could be done on fewer boxes regrouping at ease, standing,present arms in one box and marching and fighting poses in another
The main ideas remains it woul fill an important gaps to cover the reality of campaign dress at that time.
Comparing to the French, we can already field entire regiment in greatcoats mixing the different brands and sometimes doing headswap which is also referring to a Strlets question in another post
Cheers everyone.
Stay safe.