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Re: What Friday treats do you have

Really impressed with the French Foreign Legionnaires mon Strelets Team.

Looks like they're enjoying a cup of hot coffee on a cold Saharan morning. They could be in a garrison's fort tower, manning the walls or bivouacing under some palm trees at a desert oasis. The rare calm before the storm!

Merci beaucoup - GC

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Dear Strelets,

Lovely images to see on a Saturday morning (you were spot on Mark!).

A mix of figures and interesting poses. The Russian grenadier is the favourite for me, no surprises, but like Thomas above I can appreciate and enjoy them all.

The violist portends to a new line of bonus figures? I loved those in the Prussian cavalry and Bavarian infantry that I received recently (civilians and casualties respectively). The figure shown last week and this one look like they will be useful and most interesting bonuses too—if that is what they are.

Regards, James