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Re: Not much of Friday left here

If all else fails grovel Please Please Mr Strelets Pretty Please Pretty Pretty Please with cream and a cherry on top.

What Friday treats do you have

Everything as usual:
short stop before the next week's labours

meeting friends for a refill before next lock-down

live music

Have a nice one!

Best regards,


Re: What Friday treats do you have

Thank you Strelets. Of these interesting figures, the infantryman (Russian grenadier I think?) in greatcoat is definitely of interest to me: and good to see that he is still 'nailed' to his sculpting base with a lengthy bit of armature wire; clearly a work in progress.

You also seem to be cornering the market in friendly soldiers in 1/72 offering others drinks from teapots/coffee pots: and musical interludes as well. Well done indeed!

Have a good weekend. :blush:

PS: James will see these on Saturday morning no doubt. Good morning!

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Some really exciting figures previewing exciting sets. A good Friday indeed.

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Is Strelets venturing into naval Napoleonic figures now?

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Is Strelets venturing into naval Napoleonic figures now?
Naval figures both sailors and marines. Yes please! Certainly, an important aspect of the Napoleonic and 1812 era.

The are the HaT set which are of very limited value with very limited numbers of gunners,marines and sailors. A few officers would also be welcome. A figure of Nelson would be welcome if it not too non-PC (still OK in Norfolk!)!

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Wonderful more Russians in greatcoats! Just up my alley. That does not mean that I cannot appreciate the top notch sculpting of the FFL on a break. Thank you for continueing your most fascinating output. Even the PSR is impressed and rightly so with the vast improvements the company has made. Chapeau!

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Really impressed with the French Foreign Legionnaires mon Strelets Team.

Looks like they're enjoying a cup of hot coffee on a cold Saharan morning. They could be in a garrison's fort tower, manning the walls or bivouacing under some palm trees at a desert oasis. The rare calm before the storm!

Merci beaucoup - GC

Re: What Friday treats do you have

Dear Strelets,

Lovely images to see on a Saturday morning (you were spot on Mark!).

A mix of figures and interesting poses. The Russian grenadier is the favourite for me, no surprises, but like Thomas above I can appreciate and enjoy them all.

The violist portends to a new line of bonus figures? I loved those in the Prussian cavalry and Bavarian infantry that I received recently (civilians and casualties respectively). The figure shown last week and this one look like they will be useful and most interesting bonuses too—if that is what they are.

Regards, James

Re: What Friday treats do you have

strelets, please, please, in sas desert ambush m145 one a radio operator man, please, it is possible, ole great figures all, thanks you

Re: What Friday treats do you have

The fiddler and the bloke with the squeezebox shown earlier would fit in any folk club, whichever set they are in I think that I might have to have them. Now You've got me wondering if I'll see some Morris Dancers next week.:laughing:

The fiddler would make a good Jack Aubrey, well spotted Sandy. Now we need Stephen Maturin and a gold braid eating wombat to go with him.