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Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Hi Richard, I didn't bought the RTW sets at the time they were produced, but I kept an eye on them for a long time. I've found 4 sets at an expo recently, that awaken the completionist in me and then the hunt for the others begun. It took a while and 3 orders from different sources, but I've been lucky enough to get them all and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I'd like to use the figures for a Commands and Colors variant, so the officers would be mandatory, but I know there's actually zero chances to see such a set produced and I should consider some conversions. Well, it doesn't hurt trying to ask. Maybe I should add to my request some "Please Strelets, pretty pleeeeease!!!" :smile:

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Dear Mike,

you may consider this set:
As you can see, it contains commanders sprue.

Best regards,


Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Thanks! Not what I was hoping to hear, but a good starting point for conversions nontheless, if only for the turkish army.

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

The company "Model Hobbies" is still showing a number of sets from this war - If this is of any use.

This is where I bought some of mine.

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

I got my Turkish Commanders from the Crimean War Thin Red Line set:

Russian Commanders from the Crimean War Russian General Staff and Hospital set:

May have also used the Officer figure in the WWI Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform set :-)


Re: Russo Turkish war commands

I have some 1/72 Russian flag sheets that I produced years ago , if anyone would like some I could put them up on eBay cheap for forum members , cheers Alex