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Re: Russo Turkish war commands

strange that you bring up the Russo-Turkish War as I've just been trying to get some long out of production sets. Some are very difficult, and rather expensive to get, as it happens I've just received my Turkish Artillery and Regular Cavalry today and they took quite a lot hunting down.
I understand that they didn't sell very well according to Strelets if I remember rightly.
However, it's an interesting less well known conflict, that may well be worth revisiting one day.
I should think it's unlikely that any command sets will be produced - the current emphasis is on the "bankers" that is never ending sets of Napoleonics, which means less sets for those of us interested in other periods!
However, we can live in hopes..........
Stay safe folks

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Hi Richard, I didn't bought the RTW sets at the time they were produced, but I kept an eye on them for a long time. I've found 4 sets at an expo recently, that awaken the completionist in me and then the hunt for the others begun. It took a while and 3 orders from different sources, but I've been lucky enough to get them all and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I'd like to use the figures for a Commands and Colors variant, so the officers would be mandatory, but I know there's actually zero chances to see such a set produced and I should consider some conversions. Well, it doesn't hurt trying to ask. Maybe I should add to my request some "Please Strelets, pretty pleeeeease!!!" :smile:

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Dear Mike,

you may consider this set:
As you can see, it contains commanders sprue.

Best regards,


Re: Russo Turkish war commands

Thanks! Not what I was hoping to hear, but a good starting point for conversions nontheless, if only for the turkish army.

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

The company "Model Hobbies" is still showing a number of sets from this war - If this is of any use.

This is where I bought some of mine.

Re: Russo Turkish war commands

I got my Turkish Commanders from the Crimean War Thin Red Line set:

Russian Commanders from the Crimean War Russian General Staff and Hospital set:

May have also used the Officer figure in the WWI Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform set :-)


Re: Russo Turkish war commands

I have some 1/72 Russian flag sheets that I produced years ago , if anyone would like some I could put them up on eBay cheap for forum members , cheers Alex