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Re: French Horse grenadiers WSS

agree about too many Old Guard:)), with over 6 decades of collecting /wargaming/ converting have found if units look right in your eyes it's all personal choice, my basing system is 2 or 3 mounted figures to a base, 4 to 6 infantry to a base, for artillery it depends on size of battery eg if a 12 gun battery would have one gun and 12 gunners rest pro rata, for commanders usually a single figure, system works well with rules i use for regimental or brigade sized games, use Fire and Fury variants for many conflicts from English Civil War,WSS/GNW, ACW, AWI, FPW, Crimea, also Rank and File rules with a few house rules, the game the thing :)) again all down to personal choice

more WSS units needed from Strelets please as soon as possible !!!!!!

you all stay safe out there
cheers Old John