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Ancient Linear-A Update

The full group of the Greek Hoplites on the March set has now been unveiled. There are certainly some very nice poses in the group. My favorites are (counting from top left of the photo) #3, 4, and #6 is a useable guy who also serves as a fun tip of the cap to the 300 movie character. Have to say I am tempted, although an actual proper set which can serve as a phalanx remains elusive. για τον Απόλλωνα! :smile:

P.S.- Marduk has granted me a vision and says he is awaiting more news on the Old Babylonian set. He has been promised sets before (ahem, Caesar Miniatures), but having proper Hammurabi shielded spearmen would make this collection worthy for the gods.

Re: Ancient Linear-A Update

Ah, 'Babylonian', you have taken on the mantle of linear-a watching, good on you!

There have plenty of novel sets and figures to look out for. Their website is a joy to visit with frequent updates and additions. These Greeks are yet another fine example.

It was great to see the Hannibal crossing the alps 'elephants' set come out last week. They are steadily progressing all of their new sets. Presumably the Varus gimme me legions set will be released soon and we'll have images of the boxes for those at stage 6 pretty quickly too.

More exciting goodies for us!

Regards, James

Re: Ancient Linear-A Update

Thank you! I will try to watch, but naturally additional pairs of eyes are always better than just mine. :smile:

Re: Ancient Linear-A Update

Nice sculpts, but sadly in the figs with the aspis it is far too small.