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Re: i have a dream

Steve H
I too would like to see more of the less common nations mainly the Brunswick, Nassau, Hanover & polish nations.
As well as infantry it would great to have cavalry sets for same nations & in time Artillery sets as well Starting with the polish set that has been mentioned a while ago.
I think that this topic has been re-played a few times here, but for my money's worth I'd simply say:

1: Any of the Napoleonic infantry sets that Strelets have made 'shoulder arms', 'on the march', 'at ease' or otherwise basically standing, now needs a set or two which are 'in advance' and 'firing' (or 'defending' if that is a better phrase?). So that is Austrians, Prussians, Russians, Brunswickers, French Line, etc etc.

2: The same goes for the Prussian cavalry sets ie: action poses, 'in advance' ' in attack' on cantering, not galloping horses.

3: A good set of French artillery in campaign dress for 1812-15

4: Definitive sets of French Line infantry in campaign dress (not greatcoats) for 1812-15.

and if I am allowed a 5th: Russian Line dragoons and horse artillery for 1812-15

'Tis only a little list......

Re: i have a dream

I can only agree with all of the above suggestions.
Certainly need firing lines and defensive poses for forming squares.

But French 1812-1815 Foot Artillery is definately required.
British horse artillery also.

British/KGL Hussars & Light Dragoons too would be great, in a state of awaiting orders to charge, swords drawn resting on the right shoulder.

Still definately lots of scope & potential sets left to do.

Re: i have a dream

I think the only Napoleonic set that I really need right now are Russian Dragoons in dismounted order as they appeared at the Battle of Borodino. They are useful, attractive and no-one else makes them.

Re: i have a dream

Well we can`t have you nappy fans having all the dreams, mine is to see the rest of what Strelets have in store for us for the desert 1940/43 from all the combatants.

Re: i have a dream

I am also dreaming of a complete range of standing shoulder/order arms, marching and firing true French fusiliers, the center companies representing about 2/3 of the emperor's line infantry. before and after 1812(I have enough flanking companies, most pre 1812, thanks to the releases of the past year). The red lancers in campaign uniform would also be great, for they can be used for most combattants in the period. Obviously I would also love to see Russian light infantry(only shooting, advancing and other action poses for the period around 1812 and post 1812 French dragoons and lancers in reserve. All the other sets mentioned would probably also find their way here :joy: