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Re: Friday- topic for today?

Dear Graeme,

absolutely brilliant suggestions regarding head swaps!

On this subject, may we ask our customers whether you will be prepared to do such head swaps in order to receive required regiments, which varied in their uniforms to a certain extent.
That may save us a lot of time and effort for other subjects.

Thanks beforehand for your replies.

Best regards,

Hello ,
I started head swaps 10 years ago.
It is the only way to get what I need both in uncovered period or to bring some personal touch to a unit.

To me Strelets should cover the main units before covering specific/unique instead such as these Prussian Lancers.
Actually for my collection they will become French 1st eclaireur of the guard after a head swap.

The mitigation could to be able to provide extra heads
So instead of 10 different poses in a box, Strelets could limit to 6 different poses and add some extra headgear.

My current project is all about swapping heads because we still don't have this French revolution period rightly covered (hint)


Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Re: Friday- topic for today?

These must be 7th Uhlans (Hellwig and Schill) regiment as they were relatively few in number perhaps Stelets could make half the box 1st and 2nd squadrons and the other half dedicated to the 3rd squadron (without lance none were issued).

1st and 2nd squadrons

3rd squadron (no lance issued)

Re: Friday- topic for today?

This company just keeps getting better and better. The honest communication between enthusiasts/customers is simply wonderful - for me head swaps, etc are another aspect of the hobby


Re: Friday- topic for today?

As for head swaps, include extra heads in each set so that they can be done more easily. Some poses don't lend themselves to having the head swapped. Pinning is not that hard. I used a #8 guitar string, very thin and very strong, and really cheap.

As for the super glue activator use Bestine Solvent and Thinner for Rubber Cement it contains the active ingredient in most super glue activators and works with any super glue. Way cheaper than the super glue with activator.

As for the FFL at rest guys, very well done. For about 10 years now I have been giving my units, usually per battalion, a mascot, usually a dog, a musician, a unit chaplain, and a cook. The dog, accordion player and man with the jug cover 3/4 so very good news. Now sculpt that FFL chaplain and we are done!

Good work as always.

Mike Bunkermeiser Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Friday- topic for today?

Headswapping in my opinion is a tricky subject.
Yes many can do this (i myself have begun to do this) but many customers just arent as craft minded or find such work too fiddly. You could end up alienating potential customers by going down such a route, from a business perspective.
However if for example you were to do the Dutch/Belgian carabiniers for Waterloo, you could make the figures with no heads and a peg and seperate heads (some bicorn some helmet), with a hole inside them for the peg on body to go in. The uniform was identical for all 3 regiments but the 2nd Belgian wore Helmets while the 1st and 3rd wore bicorns.
Would have to put enough heads in a set so that every figure could be either bicorn or the Belgian helmets. So say if its 12 figures in a set, make sure there are 12 bicorned heads and 12 helmeted heads.

Thats one example where it could work but as I say its a tricky concept because some may be ok at painting but cant perform fiddly work. Then theres kids, whos parents this day and age might not be happy with their child using a scalpel!!!

Re: Friday- topic for today? Head-swopping

I agree. I have performed many hundreds of 'head operations' on figures in my collection, and I always pin the heads using a wire spigot as well as glue: it gives a perfectly strong fit and is better than simply gluing.

HOWEVER: It is not for everyone. It is difficult to do unless you have practice in doing it, requires good eye-sight and manual dexterity, and the right tools...and lots of time and patience.

I think that manufacturers should approach this with a view that their customers WILL NOT wish to fiddle about with head-swops. If this is intended then sets with neatly fitting heads with spigots and holes to accommodate them in bodies need to be provided, with extra heads. This will all add to the cost and complexity of production.

In 1/72 the set should be what it says it is on the front and sides of the box. Let's try to keep this simple.

Re: Friday- topic for today? Head-swopping

I think of head swaps as an extra. So 48 one piece figures that make up the norm of the specific army being done and then a few extra heads to be used for head swaps. That way the kids are happy, and those who don't want to do head swaps are happy, and those who want specific units that don't merit their own specific set have a route to get those unique figures by swapping heads.

Here are a few examples of what I have done, and I am no master modeller.

This details the procedure.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Friday- topic for today?

Dear Strelets,

I'm sure enjoying your Beau Geste early 20th century style Foreign Legionnaires! I can see these latest masters to be used in scenes of bivouacing legionnaires, and while serving on a fort's garrison, whether both on and off duty.

Le cafard was a fact of life for those in far off saharan outposts such as Fort Zinderneuf. Can they find relief in a bottle of wine? Or I'm reminded by the man with a dog ... If you want unconditional love, get a pet. These latest masters really give personality to a most interesting military group of soldiers.

What fun! GC

Oh, and P.S. - I'm also hoping to see some Casualty poses.