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A suitably bleak diorama of Stalingrad Dirk. Poignant and impressive.

Regards, James

Re: Bleak...Stalingrad

Yes, I like the feel in this impressive piece of work. Well done Dirk!

I particularly like the wrecked and frosted vehicles, and the sense of silence that you often get in snow (which deadens sound) before the firing starts. Somewhere in that shattered and very realistic-looking building there might be Russians.....

Could this perhaps spark an interest in all things snowy and cold, WW2-wise, in this Forum?? A relief from the heat and dust? Winter is coming.

Have a good weekend :grinning:

Re: Bleak...Stalingrad

Maybe a new set of Nikolajewka Italian Alpini?

Re: Bleak...Stalingrad

Nice Stalingrad scene !
Winter is certainly coming and maybe with it time for those WW2 Japanese
in Winter gear and some Chinese opponents !