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Re: Strelets, Christmas is Coming...DAK support group? And Italians...

I second the motion (or fourth or fifth it?) for Italian Infantry in North Africa. Especially the late 1940 early 1941 with some pith helmets (like your WWII Italian artillery). Unfortunately there is a scarcity of Italians, only because Italeri dropped the ball and made their figures too big, and thus incompatible. And Waterloo 1815 has a nice set or two for El Alamein, but not many poses.

I really like the 8th Army heavy weapons, and the Indian Infantry/heavy weapons (they will be used in North Africa even though your box art suggested use in Malaya/Singapore?) make up part of my 8th Army XXX Corps.

It is a shame your New Zealanders aren't more geared towards North Africa (given with their large contribution), maybe a set more specific for North Africa (helmets, shorts, etc). Or better yet, just make 6th or 9th Australian for North Africa. I would even encourage a couple poses in the Aussie bush hat (for certain poses, but the bulk of them need to be in helmets, and their shorts tend to be rolled up higher, and of course, their accents are slightly different).

If your argument is there are enough 8th Army sets (though quite a lot of them are Highlanders) then just do the 8th Army Desert artillery with crews (shorts, maybe some shirtless), I don't even care if you include a gun. I can get 25 pdrs and 6 pdrs from Airfix.

Man, we sure are relentless! You can never satisfy us! We always want more! And right now! (but our biological clocks are ticking!)

Re: Strelets, Christmas is Coming...DAK support group? And Italians...

I have been reluctant to do my hint hint (ie LRDG/SAS) for Italians, and 8th army sets, but delighted other are. Here are some suggestions Engineers , laying and clearing mines was a huge job for all armies in the desert, like the idea of more Anzacs in proper desert attire, summer/winter or night. The nights were cold ,particularly in the winter months often dropping to single figures and close to Zero on occasions. Revell did a couple of good winter/night poses, but there are not many about and they do have a different look to other war zones of the period.

Re: Strelets, Christmas is Coming...DAK support group? And Italians...

I agree with Alan, some engineers would be awesome since that was such a huge part of their job (both laying them and removing them). We have an ESCI DAK carrying a mine, we have an Airfix 8th Army with a mine detector, an Airfix DAK with a shovel, we have a couple Wat 1815 Italians, one Folgore crawling with a mine and one Italian with a shovel. So, not the same army. A set with mine layers/removers, prodding the ground with bayonets, mine sweepers, guys with picks and shovels, maybe a pneumatic drill, all possibillities.