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Nutcracker Troops?

Google "nutcracker, soldiers, image"

I am looking for 1/72nd scale plastic figures that might pass for Nutcracker figures, from the story, ballet, for potential fantasy.

My suspicion is that some kind of Napoleonic figures would work for this.

But I know essentially nothing about Napoleonic figures.

What set or sets would you suggest I purchase for this project.
100 to 200 figures would be the most I would get, and eventually paint them in shiny, metallic, gaudy colors as these soldiers are often seen wearing. I suspect mostly Infantry, but minuscule artillery and cavalry units would be okay too.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Nutcracker Troops?

I suppose that in an ideal world these figures would be in cross-belts but with no back-pack, and be in quite rigid poses. I don't think any 1/72 Napoleonic set fits the bill in its entirety, although there are figures in many sets that would work.

How about the new Strelets Russian infantry shoulder arms set? They have back-packs, but would paint up nicely as ranks of Nutcracker warriors?

Re: Nutcracker Troops?

The Nutcracker soldiers have a look of early Vicorian ,rather like the soldier onthe Quality street (chocolates) packaging , so Crimean war figures may be closer , or metal Indian mutiny ,first Afghan war.