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Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

I'd like to compliment the recent masters of FFL future figures.

What I like:
* Legionnaires without backpacks and all the marching order accoutrements. These will be especially accurate for men manning the walls of FFL Forts and Outposts. The latest Friday posting of the standing soldier enjoying a cup of coffee or wine will look great on the walls or on a tower lookout. He looks just like those actors in the 1966 Beau Geste movie and other movies also. The more poses like this the better!

What I'd like to see:
** If possible I'd enjoy some Legionnaires in white garrison fatigue dress without the famous Capote Coat also without the haversacks and canteens for serving garrison duty or manning the walls fending off Arab attacks on their outpost. (Note: Esci's set has some of these but they do have haversacks and canteens and look more appropriate for field duty)

I think your FFL releases so far are the most accurate and finely detailed of all makes - Fighting action poses, marching, walking at ease and riding, and even artillery poses all in accurate uniforms and accoutrements (especially braces with all three ammo pouches) look so great.

Anywho, I'm really looking foward to getting these future figures in however many sets they are released in. Well done Strelets Team!


Re: Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

May I add my congratulations concerning the FFL figures. I have recently completed painting the latest artillery set and they all combine to make the security at my fort more secure with all those Rifs and Arabs knocking about. I thought the marching patrol were particularly impressive. Whilst I don't wish anything bad on the boys a few casualties wouldn't go amiss
However that said I once came across a contingent of modern day FFL whilst hiking the GR20 in Corsica and they didn't look like any of them. Plus there wasn't a mule or camel in sight.

Re: Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

These figures are fine for late 19th century and very early 20th century conflicts in North Africa but not much use for anything after around 1910 as they wear the wrong uniforms.
PSR have just reviewed the Legion Artillery set which explains the issues very aptly.
The mountain gun is very good and its worth buying this set for the gun alone which has many uses.
I hope Strelets do make Legionaires with mules and perhaps a more authentic set for the Rif War and maybe even a proper set of Rif Berbers.

Re: Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

It looks like the more recent pics means that we have an "FFL At Rest" set coming? I hope this set has many more poses to appropriately populate an oasis encampment or fort. I'm also assuming the poses we saw back in July come from another different set - perhaps "FFL in Skirmish"?

Re: Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

Every now and again a set that is "boys own" rather than historically accurate works , Strelets Hollywood FFL are such sets.

Re: Strelets' French Foreign Legion Sets

Are we not "great boys"..?

And so i love this FFL-sets... :laughing: