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Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

For "in attack", yes i believe the Bavarians have set a benchmark.
I am a big fan of the British Line & Highlanders in attack too and would like to see some post 1812 French in campaign dress given this treatment too, especially with the wounded/dead figures included.

Be good to have some wounded figures who have suffered at the hands of artillery too! Cannonballs smashing limbs etc. Bit grisly I know but certainly authentic and would fit in with an infantry in attack set too.

Would also like to see the Napoleonic range have sets "in firing line" & "in defensive line/square" too.
That way, Strelets would have produced quite a comprehensive range with whats already been produced.

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

Although I quite like the attack pose, I prefer march attack.

Also there are still too few figures if casualties are deducted I want 48 usable figures preferably to ditch the casualties and double up the command figures would be prefect for my 24 figure battalions.

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

That is a good comment. I totally agree but about the command being doubled. 48 figures would be great, but I think that ship sailed long ago and we are doing big units now. I mean the 40 + units look great. I want to double my 24 figure units. But, I also love the casualty figures. They are useful for gaming. I wouldn't mind seeing a "charging/running" and or "in melee" poses become a thing. It is great how many command figure poses you get in a box and how the whole units look with matching poses. great stuff.

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

The Bavarian in attack is a great set & I agree the two British sets are just as good My favourite Strelets set of all time is the polish in attack it just looks so right as a unit.
As a painter & collector I don't really need wounded/dead figures but I would like the extra figures as more troops after all 48 figures in a box used to be standard.
The main thing I would like to see is firing lines for all the Napoleonic sets the WOSS range have them all ready I believe.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

I agree those are great thoughts! The British and highlanders in attack are great sets. I am waiting for firing line too. Fantastic line of figures.

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

Dear Allan,

I'm with you in enjoying/finding valuable the casualty figures. For me, casualties are great for markers or adding to vignettes on a wargames table.

I really like the recent range of options that Strelets have included with their 'bonus' figures. We have had the civilians in the Prussian cavalry sets and these casualties in the Bavarian set. What little gems will they come up with next? I am keen to see.

Interestingly, the range of answers already to your question just goes to highlight the impossible challenge for Strelets to suit everyone's preferences!!

Regards, James

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

I also like the casualty figures, breaks up the unit looks more realistic and also good for markets. If they could keep those in the attacking and firing line boxes and maybe civilians or some generals/personality figures in the at rest boxes that would be amazing. I’d probably have to buy those then also.
And I agree with the British and Scots they are beautiful figures. And I agree us nappy fans need firing lines please.
Also some Napoleonic Hungarian grenadiers and line in attack and firing.

Re: Is Bavarian Infantry In Attack the perfect format

I haven't bought mine yet, but I love the casualty figures. Personally, I vastly prefer a sculpted flag with detail of the flag design sculpted. Being able to remove the flag is great. Winter set having the flag covered looks good too! I love these extra figures. Super fun!