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Re: French Artillery in Great Coats

Allan from Glasgow
Hi Strelets,

I would love it if you could produce Napoleonic French Artillery in Great Coats, I don't believe they have been done in our scale or in plastic. In addition they could also be used for many allies of the French.

I hope you intend to produce these or other artillery sets as we are lacking choice in the range.

many thanks

While I for one would support more Napoleonic artillery sets, I do wonder whether artillerymen in greatcoats 'works' other than on the march. Surely serving a gun with the physical activity involved would provoke gun crews to put their big coats aside while doing so, in all but the worst/coldest weather?

What would be useful in my humble opinion would be a set of French line artillery for 1812/13 to the end of the Napoleonic era, in campaign dress ie: trousers, jackets with minimal decorations, shakos with covers, with their muskets, greatcoats, packs stacked neatly to one side.

Re: French Artillery in Great Coats

I agree with Minuteman.
I think they would be better in campaign dress rather than greatcoats.

French Foot artillery circa 1812-1815 with the correct uniform is definately a much needed missing set.