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Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics

Yes, more Bavarians!!!!

What about more Austrians and some Württembergers?

And talking about the Italian campaign of 1799, have you ever thought about some Russians for General Suvorov?

Thanks in advance,


Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics

Dear Alessandro,

A great idea about the early (French Revolutionary Wars) Russians (infantry, hussars and artillery would be grand)—but once the late Napoleonic Russians are completed! I wonder, perhaps, if this is one for Redbox to complement the lovely musketeers, jagers, grenadiers and guard/grenadiers that they released last year?

On the other hand, is this a bit too niche? It is simply a matter of using existing figures for the Seven Year's War (esp. Prussians?). I have purchased some Austrians to use as Sardinians—a perfect fit. Actually, producing more figures for the Austrian Succession/Seven Year's War may be a better bet? Lots of interesting troop types that could be produced to fill this gaping hole in the 1/72 market and figures that would have great potential for conversion and adaptation. I think that a good friend on this forum mentions this, on the odd occasion?!

Regards, James

Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics

Of course, I am mixing up hats later known as bicornes and tricornes aren't I?

Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics

Thanks for the great pictures of the upcoming Napoleonic they look great. I will also be buying the the desert sets as well.:laughing:

Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics

Dear James,

You're right too, Prussians can be used as Russian 1799 fusiliers, maybe by using the small mitre caps.

Let's see what will be Strelet's plans for the future ;)


Re: It's Friday: too long without Napoleonics


welcome the high quality new figures, particularly the new Bavarians.

I would look forward to some Hungarian Hussars.

If Strelets are focusing on the Central European powers, I dont believe any other manufacturer has covered that important part of the Austro-Hungarian army and they would support the recent Austrian infantry sets

pity bout the spat at the start of this post, lets keep this forum civilised and welcoming to all nationalities please

cheers / salut / prost