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Re: L.R.D.G....vehicles to go with the figures: correction

Ironically, there appear to be at least as many 1/76 (20mm) vehicle options for LRDG in the desert as there are 1/72 options, probably more if we look at all plastic, metal and resin options.

Aside from the old Matchbox 1/76 set (not currently available) and the fine 1/72 Dragon Chevy (limited availability) recourse to metal and resin models provides the other option.

At the top in terms of quality and certainly also price are the excellent, diorama/collector standard metal models made by Milicast. An example of what is on offer is at:

The Milicast range is large and super-accurate, and is 1/76 scale. This is OK in my mind for figures up to around 23mm in height (and not too bulky) and if the new LRDG figures are within this scale envelop I'd suggest that the Milicast range is where to look for LRDG vehicles,

It will simply need a little 'digging deeper' into pockets.
I should have put Milicast down as 'resin' rather than metal...with some smaller parts in metal I believe. They are, whatever, super models.