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Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

A set of transport mules in plastic would be excellent!

I was surprised to read this on wiki:
"The mule comes in all sizes, shapes and conformations. There are mules that resemble huge draft horses, sturdy quarter horses, fine-boned racing horses, shaggy ponies and more"

So you can make horses more "mule-like" by increasing the size of the ears.

The Spanish army in the early 20th century used mules and both sides in the SCW made extensive use of them for general transport and for disassembled mountain guns. Here's an example of a big mule at the time of the attempted coup in July 1936 (bit blurry but white animal in the centre)

70mm infantry/mountain howitzers were broken down into 5 loads:


105mm mountain guns were broken down into 7 loads:

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Briefly, it's interesting to see these comments on size which confirms my brief Wiki research on mules!
So, maybe scale isn't too important, after all 1/72 scale covers quite a lot of ground, depending on manufacturer's interpretations!
Re mule loads, it may be worth looking at EWM's Early WW2 Italian range, showing mules with various loads of machine guns, general packs etc.
Hope this helps!
Stay safe folks

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi again Baratheon
The bad news is that I'm not really into photography - I might have a go one day but I have absolutely no idea how to post photos online!
As for accessories, offhand I've had a quick look at EWM again. I think it was the early war British accessories, but you'd better have a good trawl through for yourself.
Paul has a complete supply dump, barbed wire, oil drums crates etc, and various packs.
If I remember right some mules, usually as complete sets have loads of machine guns, mountain guns and possibly loads such as baggage.
You can always email Paul.............
Hope this helps
Best regards

A very quick at a couple more companies I buy from finds vehicle accessories and stowage. Check out Section Head Quarters Miniatures (SHQ) packs, also S&S Models accessory packs. I think a number of companies produce accory packs in resin and metal, you might also check out Frontline Wargaming.
Again hope this helps!
Frontline now do figures including a Jap mule handler and mule - somebody out there's listening!
Must close for now