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Re: Long range desert rest !

They look great, roll on Christmas, or whenever they get released.

Re: Long range desert rest !

These are very nice and natural poses that are shouting out for a diorama.

I also suspect that they will adapt to other periods with a little chopping.

I love the kettle and cup chaps.

Best wishes,


Re: Long range desert rest !

This a fine set of figures with some very nicely sculpted poses, which will appeal greatly to those creating dioramas, but probably less so to wargamers. Indeed, given LRDG tactical doctrine and the need for dispersal out in the desert, one box of these figures will be sufficient to create several dioramas!

The teapot pourer and cup holder is an excellent cameo. As they used to say back in the 1940s, 'shall I be mother?....

It would be great to see a similar set(s) for 'mainstream' 8th Army in North Africa, and for Axis forces in the same theatre of war.

Re: Long range desert rest !

We want them till Christmas!!! Along a set with action poses of course!!!

Re: Long range desert rest !

Great set; almost enough to put me back into WW2! Happy for Alan and others.