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Regiment Piedmont 1706

A very fine unit of French Infantry! Great painting and attention to detail. The one thing missing, so far as I can see, are cravats and ribbon streamers on the standards. Overall though, a most convincing set of images.

This demonstrates very well how flexible the Strelets WoSS sets can be, as the base for this unit is clearly the British Infantry in Advance set. The same set in my armies will provide figures for Danish infantry.

Re: Regiment Piedmont 1706

I completely agree Mark; they look wonderful Murat!

How good are the faces on those figures?! Expertly painted too.

Thanks for submitting them.

Regards, James

Re: Regiment Piedmont 1706

Impressive work!!!!
Well done Murat...

Re: Regiment Piedmont 1706

Hello Murat !

Wonderful painted figures..

Very detailed and excellent use of washes.