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Re: It's Friday

Roy Beers
Ces gens sont les Mousquetaires du Roi.
Excellent, including the first ever 1/72 mounted hautbois musician.
Of limited if welcome use in mainstream wargames, but hopefully Strelets will also
produce more sets to cover the main line of battle Chevau-leger regiments, and dragoons.
Yes, the mounted hautbois player is a bit of a surprise and I'm already working out ways to convert what is basically a less-than-useful figure. The other 11 figures and all the horses - which I think are the same as in the English cavalry set - look fine to me. I note that at least two of the figures appear to be wearing cloaks.

Certainly, further sets will be required to provide a comprehensive coverage of French cavalry and dragoons of the period. Cavalry should not be a problem, as the same poses with differently sculpted, plainer, uniforms and - if needs be to enable easier and less expensive production - the same horses again will suffice. So the Chevau-leger set is, effectively, more than half done already.

Re: It's Friday

It's possible a little nifty scalpel work on the cross on the tabard could turn it into a cuirass, worn by some types over the coat, but it's certainly going to be a beautiful set in its own right ... I just hope less exalted cavalry types appear soon after.

Re: It's Friday


Re: It's Friday

Wow, have I been waiting for these, and well worth the wait. Absolutely fantastic sculpting. Thanks for the peek!