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While I would love a set of Mules, in the meantime I have been working with the Eagle Games horse figures, 24 identical horses per box, to pull limbers. I make the limbers out of wire and Lego bricks and sheet plastic. Plastruct glue will glue Lego bricks.

Wheels I get from anyplace I can scrounge up a wheel. For WWII Soviet Union I use "rubber" tires that come as extra wheels with Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Artillery sets.

I have also used the Airfix MK I tank rear steering wheels as limber wheels for my Strelets WWI artillery. Since they don't come with limbers. I am always on the lookout for more Airfix tank wheels if anyone has a few extra they are not using.

The HaT French Napoleonic Limbers are a good start too, at least as a source for draft horses. Here are some more limbers.

Not wanting Strelets to feel left out, I make some limbers for French Crimean War artillery that I use as US artillery for the 1890's era.


Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Limbers

Good idea, very nicely done! Those Eagle Games horses are incredibly useful, particularly if you need to represent dismounted cavalry as the riders can use with the standing/walking horse poses can be grouped together in threes on a single base, paired with a singly mounted figure as the handler (contrary to what you've been given to believe, horse holders did not dismount). I had never thought of using them as draft horses though! It would be easy to make up a valise to go on the off side (unridden) limber horses like this

Re: Limbers

Good idea, that could be done easily, I think.

Re: Limbers

again. On the subject of mules again, I may have found a source.
There was once a very popular western anthology series called Death Valley Days.
Now, they were sponsored by Borax 20 mule team! I found a pre-owned set with a wagon on Ebay and I made an offer - accepted!
The only potential fly in the ointment is that they give the scale as the rather odd 1/67! So, maybe a little large for 1/72 scale but not a lot in it.
I'll know better when they arrive. Meantime, stay tuned for further comments on these........
I've also had ideas about using spare horses, maybe using balsa wood etc for simple "boxy" limbers.
I might have more time and less money with retirement and defence/budget cuts looming so I'll have to see if I can be a bit more creative.
Actually, while I think of it the good point about the ancient Airfix ACW set is that they had a limber, so if these can be picked up cheaply that's an option, or maybe copying them.
Stay safe folks


Re: Limbers

Mike: Nice work. I'm always amazed at how creative you are. Keep up the good work. Very well put together and enjoyable.

Richard: Let us know what you think when it arrives. Thanks.

Re: Limbers

Mike, that's a neat solution for any box-shaped equipment or building.

Lego is difficult to glue, so I will look up where to get Plastruct glue or a health-friendly Ketone alternative if there is any. This will also allow for adding details. Painting should be ok after a layer of primer (perhaps after sanding the surfaces).

Your Blogger software settings allow only Google user comments so I will just say here I find lots of inspiration - on your modelling blog that is! :grin:

Re: Limbers

Thank you Pa.

Yes, Lego is hard to glue. But with Plastruct glue it's just like gluing a model kit.
It's sold in hobby shops, art supply shops, places were architects supplies are sold.
And they sell it direct by mail too I think.

Good luck.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog