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Re: ???

Hey, I thought you were such a big fan of Strelets ... just buy the sets they've already made and you'll get the mules which are already there. And, maybe, your unselfish generosity will enable them to produce a set of nothing but mules in the future ... :smirk:


Buying a full set of plastic figures to get four mules is not cost effective. Metal mules would be cheaper. If I only need 8 or 12 I might consider doing that, but I need dozens of mules, maybe hundreds.

A US Civil War battery of four guns needs 6 mule per gun, so 24 mules. Do the math, way too much money. And that's only one batter, and does not count the dozens of other wagons and guns in my collection needing mules.

Strelets makes excellent mules those showed in the photos are perfect, but a set of 16 mules and no figures would be great. I would be happy if they were those exact mules used again.


Re: Mules


This sounds like a perfect question for the next "One Question Poll"! lol

I support the need for a new dedicated mule train set. Yes, mules are available in earlier sets. However, not all of those are still readily available. For example, a quick search of Hannants reveals that only Strelets sets #117 and #132 (so 2 sets out of 6) are available today from Master Kunz's list.

And, yes ok, a more extensive search may or may not show the other sets may be available from other vendors and from, of course, our old friend Mr. eBay. But for example, Nikolai mule team does not show as listed/available to me in the eBay Canada site. As others have said, buying a set for 1-4 mules + shipping cost is not cost effective from any source.

So, to me also, it makes sense to spend the same money to buy a set containing at least 12-18 mules in 4-6 poses plus accessories such as crates, bags etc. These I would want for my Chindits, in their jungle war against my tropical Japanese. I also want some with only saddles (for an officer/NCO, or to form an entire mounted troop for my French Foreign Legion riders). Indeed, as others also stated, a generic set of mules could be used for a variety of campaigns from Ancient times to the 20th Century.

I would be quite happy to have Mr. Strelets blow the dust of their old mule sculpts, enhance them accordingly, and release a generic set of these (maybe even marketed as "WWII") with their next batch of best selling eras/campaigns such as Napoleonic, and War of Spanish Succession which many many people clearly buy, but I do not.

Re: Mules

Hi folks
well others have beaten me to it on cost effectiveness question. Again the Nik-Olia sets only came up for America when I had a quick look so the cost would be prohibitive for fragile resin.
As I;m now a pensioner I have to budget carefully! I also do a little part-tiime work on a self-employed basis so I understand the economics involved in producing figure sets.
Hence, I'm thinking of cottage industries who can fill in the gaps in our wishlists, maybe even producing to order, such as the new process of "plastic printing" from Butlers printed models.
As for being a big fan of Strelets, of course I am! Though I'm sure they have much bigger fans!!
I've been buying ever since I discovered Strelets many years ago now. But again I can only buy so much, and in the periods that interest me.
For example, I have limited interest in Napoleonics, and currently none in SWY. so, I'd like to see expansion of other ranges and periods.
Here's hoping.......
Stay safe folks

Re: Mules

It strelets released a mule company set with saddled mules and extra loads they could then combine the mules from their various sets to produce a stand alone mule set... providing of course the tools are still viable, eventually they will need to make new tools anyway if they want to keep providing collecters with these kind of sets...

So probarbly more a case of whether or not strelets consider there is enough demand for a standalone mule set with a production run of a few thousand, but watch out cos it sounds like Mike Bunkermeister Creek might nab a good proportion if they do! :smiley:

Re: Mules

That is a danger that I might grab a good number of them, but being retired means I have to save up a bit.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: Mules

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
That is a danger that I might grab a good number of them, but being retired means I have to save up a bit.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog
More Mon mulish musings.
Well, I received the 20 mule Borax team today and it's bad news.
The only real problem is the scale which is given as 1/67 but they're too large to match 1/72 scale figures and guns. The wagons are also massive!
It's a shame because the clip together mules are otherwise quite nice and should paint up well. Question now is what to do with them? Well, they didn't cost me to much so I can't complain.
I suppose it's no use my being stubborn as a mule!
I'll have to keep looking and wishlisting.
Meanwhile I'll have to get a bit more creative. I find I've got nearly 200 spare horses so I might have to substitute some for mules. Problem is 132 of them are the old Giant made in Hong Kong toy horses. About 60 are Napoleonic Airfix with a few odd ones.
Stay safe folks!

Re: Mules

As a quick fix, I took my Atlantic 7th cavalry horses (HO/OO scale), trimmed down the hair and used them as makeshift mules for my FFL riders from Strelets. The left over Strelets camels will be converted and used as a baggage train. I transferred the 7th Cavalry riders to Eagle Games' civil war horses - this also helped give the impression the riders were more 1/72 rather than HO/OO scale.

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi all
Mon morning mule musings again - persistence pays!
Good news for all who want mules.
I contacted Paul of Early War Miniatures with a wish for mules and he's come up with the goods!
He supplies mules as sets of Indian Mountain Guns etc, but he's happy to supply them separately without loads, just moulded on harness!
He also does camels. I'll shortly be placing an order with EWM - they do lots interesting stuff, WW1 & 2, interwar and scenics etc.
Hope this helps folks.
Stay safe and Carry on Collecting!

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Thanks Richard. They do have a lot of interesting stuff indeed. After searching the website thoroughly I could find a statement that read "most of our products are designed for 20mm". I looked at several products, but sizing and scale confirmation was not described on any of them. Thus, I am reluctant to purchase if their products are closer to HO/OO scale than 25mm (1/72). Is this the case? Thanks in advance

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi Baratheon
Well, I would say that they are roughly 20mm. Fact is I rarely buy metal and then only to fill in gaps left by plastic manufacturers!
I have only placed a couple of small orders with EWM, mostly for guns and vehicles from their Italian range.
I find that 20mm metal generally seems to run a little larger than 1/72 scale plastics. But as I say I don't buy many. For example I recently got an ACW set of artillery and their site says that figures were origionally designed to complement the Airfix ACW figures. I had a few free sample figures and I find they're a little taller than plastics! Then again people and animals come in all sizes and shapes! I had a look at mules online and they vary somewhat in size etc.
Given the difficulty of finding mules I'm not got worry too much about slight scale differences but this a matter of personal taste!
You can look at online images, such as the Indian Mountain gun set including 5 mules (WW1) and see if other people have thoughts on scale and maybe get a better idea. You could even try emailing Paul with questions - that's how I discovered the mules!
Being almost retired I have to watch the budget carefully but sometimes when there's not much choice I have to take a chance!
To sum up, when there no alternatives I use metals to fill in the gaps and I don't worry too much about small differences in scale. That's my personal thoughts and views, which may well be different to others such as yourself.
Anyway, I hope this helps.
As ever stay safe.

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi Baratheon
I'll be ordering a dozen mules at £1 each in a day or 2 so I'll give you my impressions for what they're worth!
I'll also order a couple more items suchas Jap artillery and motorcycles!
I did ask about scale but Paul didn't comment on that so it's up to you to do a little research and decide whether they're for you.................
Best regards

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi Richard,

It's certainly a unique marketing approach to keep the scale of your product lines somewhat mysterious, and seemingly continue to be secretive in response to customer queries!

I do look forward to hearing your analysis once you get them.

Thanks again,

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Hi Baratheon
Well a quick internet search finds some interesting comments on scale. An earlier commeent by Paul on Benno's Forum says that according to PSR 20mm covers oo/ho to 26mm! But generally 1/72 scale, and mentions compatibilty with ranges such as Armourfast.
In the articles section there is interesting background especially on Aussie troops.
So far as I can see the scale is 20mm, roughly equivalent to 1/72.
I typed in EWM 20mm scale? so you can see what you come up with!
Hope this helps. I'm going quiet for a while as I have much to get on with but I'm sure I'll be back soon.
Stay safe folks

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

A set of transport mules in plastic would be excellent!

I was surprised to read this on wiki:
"The mule comes in all sizes, shapes and conformations. There are mules that resemble huge draft horses, sturdy quarter horses, fine-boned racing horses, shaggy ponies and more"

So you can make horses more "mule-like" by increasing the size of the ears.

The Spanish army in the early 20th century used mules and both sides in the SCW made extensive use of them for general transport and for disassembled mountain guns. Here's an example of a big mule at the time of the attempted coup in July 1936 (bit blurry but white animal in the centre)

70mm infantry/mountain howitzers were broken down into 5 loads:


105mm mountain guns were broken down into 7 loads:

Re: Mules to carry Mountain Gun

Briefly, it's interesting to see these comments on size which confirms my brief Wiki research on mules!
So, maybe scale isn't too important, after all 1/72 scale covers quite a lot of ground, depending on manufacturer's interpretations!
Re mule loads, it may be worth looking at EWM's Early WW2 Italian range, showing mules with various loads of machine guns, general packs etc.
Hope this helps!
Stay safe folks