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Re: A SYW Russian army......Summer uniform

Celtic warrior
I have been collecting and painting “little men” for many many years but I have to say that I have never enjoyed any range of figures as much as Strelets recent WSS products.
So I’m very interested in the idea of expanding out the range into the seven years war and maybe even a revisit to the great northern war.
Thanks Strelets!👍❤️
I think Strelets have recently indicated that they have no plans to 'return to the GNW'. So, much though I personally would very much like to see re-modelled Swedish and Russian infantry, unarmoured cavalry in karpus, irregular cavalry etc for the GNW, it seems that this is not on the list of things that Strelets are regarding as priority.

However, the potential is there for the Seven Years War, which might prove even more popular than the WoSS range. It's definitely a period which has masses of potential and has been very under-represented in the hobby to date. Maybe Strelets will surprise us and delight us next year?

Re: A SYW Russian army......Summer uniform


Just passing by to "proclaim" my full support to the proposed 7YW Russians in summer outfit (distinctive and easy on the eyes), winter dress or both. That would be a great start. As said, the Observation Corps, numerous horse grenadiers regiments —not just the elite co's— and their unique artillery complement make for an interesting army build. These small xviii century Russian armies, seems to me, were pretty hardcore in every sense.

Re: A SYW Russian army......Summer uniform

I've previously asked Strelets about starting a SYW range and they have stated that they do not intend to start new eras until they have completed their current ranges. However, based on the apparent success of their WSS range so far, perhaps they may be more encouraged to do so?

If they could produce SYW infantry in the same style as their WSS figures, they would be a must have for many 18th Century collectors out there I am sure. And if I were to really have my own dreams realised with this-they could start with the FIW...Here's to dreaming!

Re: A SYW Russian army......Summer uniform

One of those book dust covers in my early school years library that inspired me:

Re: A SYW Russian army......Summer uniform

Since this thread has an enthusiastic response (and I agree with all wishes and comments mentioned) I will chip in that I have said before that this era, going right through the American War for Independence, has so much opportunity for figure sets that have never been produced before, or have been done poorly. I will add, inspired by the Roger's Rangers book cover, that 18th century native Americans have never been done justice. The Italeri Native Americans were good, but try getting a box of those anywhere, and most 18th century sets from the past are also very hard to come by. I am not a big fan of the HaT range.....the figures are not as interesting....and for my money Red Box and especially Stretlets have replaced and surpassed the quality and variety that we used to get from Revell. I would love to see them expand over any and all 18th century subjects. We need to keep encouraging them with our comments and our purchases. I do applaud them for wanting to finish one series before they wander not another.....and I really can't wait to see their Maison Roi and artillery for the WSS.