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Re: It is Friday, isn't it?

I agree with Steve and wish the Strelets team a good travel time with some nice breaks.

Hopefully the team will return with new energy and further new sets of WSS which should been continued. Let it grew with more cavalry and infantry sets, artillery and a wagon trail. There are many collectors who will cheer and buy these sets.

Stay safe and productive ....

Re: It is Friday, isn't it?

Dear Strelets,

I hope that your travels are productive and/or enjoyable!

For me, the delivery of your latest is coming in two instalments (along with some 'essential' reinforcements of previous sets), so the joy will be extended.

I'll look forward to seeing the rest of those lovely Napoleonic Russian infantry once you are back and the Friday teaser returns!

All the best, James

Re: It is Friday, isn't it?

Dear Sirs,

Due to our travelling arrangements Friday publications will be temporarily stopped.

Best regards,

A well earned break, so enjoy your travels!