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#290 French Foreign Legion Artillery

This is one of the bestsellers of the new Strelets batch in the online shop where I ordered mine.

While waiting for a thorough examination at PSR, here are my impressions.

You get three guns with 6 crew figures each, all in soft plastic. Figures sculpting and proportions are excellent, as are most of the poses.

The gun is tiny. It makes a 37mm AT gun look huge. But so did the real thing. The Strelets version is naturally simplified, but it looks like the French mountain gun and the parts fit is reasonable. From wartime photos it seems to me Strelets added the gun sight onto the wrong side but I applaud the inclusion of it at all. You might want to drill out the muzzle and the (many) holes designed to save weight in the carriage but that's it.

Two of my three guns fit together rather well without glue, the third is somewhat loose.

There are no instructions helping you with assembling the nine parts per gun, but these pages have good images and plans:

I'll use the guns for my Greek and Chinese WW2 armies. Regards, Pa

Re: #290 French Foreign Legion Artillery

I have been watching the sales at Hannants with interest , the top seller figure wise there is the Prussian uhlans , second is the Orion British tank crew summer dress , I am sure the LRDG set will be in the top sellers next time.

Re: #290 French Foreign Legion Artillery

Thank you for your impressions of the FFL Artillery set, Pa and also for the links. It made for some really enjoyable and informative reading today! :relaxed: