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Re: Fantasy Sets.

They are on sale at Hannants.

Re: Fantasy Sets.

I have some on order and they're due to arrive tomorrow.

Re: Fantasy Sets.

I have this fantasy about someone making a FULL RANGE of 7 Years War figures one day...........

SYW starter sets

I have this fantasy about someone making a FULL RANGE of 7 Years War figures one day...........
Stuart, I have *some* hope for HaT doing something & considerably more faith in Strelets.

In the mean time, if you haven't already, start!

There's a lot you can do. Have you seen these photos of a recent game I staged?

I also have a substantial French SYW army.


Re: SYW starter sets

Start? I started back in the last century when the first Revell figures were made! I've had a couple of Prussian regiments so long they are old enough to start college next month.... I was even a playtester for one commercially available set of rules published a couple of years ago now, and STILL waiting for someone to make cuirassiers, Prussian artillery and grenzers.

Given the other companies' glacial production rate, I doubt if I will be around or at least capable of painting figures when they do eventually appear as I'm 63 now and the eyesight deteriorating annually. I've already given up on converting those Zvevda Napoleonic Saxon cuirassiers as it is just too tedious after doing a dozen squadrons. I gave the last box away to a Napoleonic gamer.

Love the game photos though - very nice work! How did you make your grenzers, if you don't mind me asking? I used AWI French modified to look like Hungarian infantry, also a few Airfix guys. My Prussian guns came from Swedish GNW but the crew were a pain to convert.