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British cavalry WSS

Dear Strelets,

When can we expect the release of the British cavalry WSS period?

Will it be available in September or October?

Thank You!

Re: British cavalry WSS

This is a question that concerns me too...

Re: British cavalry WSS

I think Strelets deserve a late summer holiday, having delivered the latest sets and having had to work hard to do so despite the barriers that the pandemic and trade regulations have put in the way.

And then, after this break....what comes next? I am not concerned about the WoSS British cavalry because I know that they will arrive, sometime. I am expecting that this may be in the autumn but maybe this will be as late as November/December.

I am very slightly more concerned about the follow-on French cavalry sets for the WoSS ie: will this be limited only to one or two Maison du Roi sets? Information about this would be helpful.