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Re: North Africa question, Strelets

The Middle East 1940-43 has lots of gaps, apart from the much requested LRDG/SAS sets, Africa Korps heavy weapons , Africa Korp artillery crews , Italian field artillery 75mm guns and crews, Commonwealth gun crews , and 4.5 and 5.5 guns, Engineers , the first wide spread use of mine detectors and mines in WW2 the Airfix pose needs lots of work to make it close to acceptable, and nothing at all for the Germans/Italians, Medical staff, Perry do an Ice cold in Alex set, how I wish that was 1/72 . I am sure there are others, but given for 35 months of the war the Desert was the only place the Western allies and Axis were fighting on the ground face to face it is quite under represented, and not just figures, the soft skin side of things has some big 1/72 gaps too.

Re: North Africa question, Strelets

You've just put my wish list into words!
Well, we can dream on.
However, on the subject of softskins, Plastic Soldier Company did some Steyr heavy cars at last and British and CMP softskins, also 25 pounder sets.
A company to watch is Butlers Printed Models. They are producing, and expanding a series of subjects across WW1 & 2 & post war AFVs, guns, and softskins - they can also "print" in a variety of
scales. If it's not economical for companies such as Strelets to produce lines of figures, etc, I reluctantly have to look at the soft metal companies to fill in the gaps, though I always seem to get superglue fumes in my eyes and hands but I always survive. When I was kid before elf'n'safety was ever dreamed up, i was always cutting myself, getting glue and paint etc everywhere and I just patched myself up and got back to models - I sometimes wonder what my fingerprints are like after all those craft knife scars.......
I've just placed an order for some American stuff, and a Japanese Sumida armoured car.
Maybe I'll send them a wish list...........
Stay safe

Re: North Africa question, Strelets

Please remember Vichy in North Africa and Libyans in the service of the Italian Army - colonial cavalry.

Re: North Africa question, Strelets

Please remember Vichy in North Africa and Libyans in the service of the Italian Army - colonial cavalry.
Vichy colonial could also be used for a wider field than just North Africa and Strelet already have some of the opposition who fought against the Vichy.They seemed to be fighting the Commonwealth troops in a variety of campaigns until France swopped sides when the axis started to stall.

The Levant and Madagascar against commonwealth forces is an obvious thought as well as US troops during operation torch. There is also the war with Thailand as well!