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Re: More linear a loveliness

Hi James,

Yes, agree with all your observations. Though shout out to their choice of box art for set #017! I'm also planning to buy a few boxes of these. It's at stage 7 so looks like release will be imminent. I hope the impressive hand-to-hand Roman combat set will be released in time for Christmas - can't wait to see the other poses!

Nice touch, adding a couple of fleeing enemy combatants being run down by the horsemen in set #030 - great for diorama fans too...

Re: More linear a loveliness

My random thoughts (I use this sometimes to warm up for writing my book manuscript, so thanks for giving a nice platform for that Strelets and for you guys for putting up with my unrefined thoughts)...

#017- Great box art as pointed out by Baratheon, but the figures represent an already well covered topic and are too flat to make an impact compared to their peers in my opinion. Nicely sculpted though and certainly some poses worthy of mixing in with other sets (like, ahem, Strelets' roughly equivalent offerings).

#018- Rather obviously flat, but given the nature of the topic they arguably get away with it. Three men with lorica segmentata armour is overkill though, as it is likely that more hamatas were worn than segmentatas (there may be a song lyric in there somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ).

#026- The spear directly over the head is a known anachronism, but the pose on the right has possibilities. Also looks like he might be unarmored, which would be excellent as unarmoured warriors are still relatively difficult to find in the scale. Linear-A do have bendable and poseable plastic to some extent, so the shield could be bent right back into his body for a nice figure. Nice work! :)

#030- Very interesting set and loving the potential here! The swords worry me because many of them look too short for mounted use and two of the shield bearing poses are porous, but the rest look quite nice. Especially interested in the javelin poses, since that was their most tactically potent weapon at this time.

#042- Researching non-Classical (i.e. Greek or Roman) topics in the ancient world is notoriously difficult, so I am curious about these two sets. The Indian subcontinent remains criminally underrepresented in the scale for all eras, so frankly any sets are a good thing.

#043- As you guys may notice by my username, this is my favorite culture of all time and where my true expertise lies. There are three main choices here: The Old Babylonians (Hammurabi), Late Bronze Age Kassite Babylonians (contemporaries of Ramsses II, Hittites, etc.), and Neo-Babylonians (Nebuchadnezzar II, fall of the Assyrian Empire, etc.). While any of the above would be nice, I am hoping they will go toward the Old (and arguably only 'true') Babylonians and give us some figures that can be used for Hammurabi's campaigns against enemies such as the Elamites. Basically I am hoping for something close to HaT's Sumerian Infantry except they all use shields instead of going with the bizarre Stillman/Tallis 1984 theory that one shield bearer tried to protect 7-8 of his buddies at the same time (academics can come up with strange and not very logical theories sometimes).

If Linear-A is able to successfully produce all of these (based on current form it is certainly possible), they will have quite the collection of ancients! I am hoping someday that a company line Linear-A can start doing tie-ins with the Age of Empires PC game series so the two can mutually work with each other, but for now that is what I will be doing in a more ad hoc manner. :smile: