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Re: Its Friday... on Thursday, well nearly Saturday, and more Napoleonics

Roger W
Well alas not Napoleonic but still some very nice sculpts and poses. Officer looks amazing.
Your sculpting certainly seems to make these poses come "alive".
So while not for me, i can still definately appreciate the excellent work, and continue to pine for it to be utililised on some of those Napoleonics! 😣😭
Napoleonics!! The proof, if any was required, of the continuing popularity of this fascinating, colourful and varied era of warfare is clearly in the sales over recent days of the new Strelets sets. Prussians sold out, French infantry in summer uniform sold out, Bavarians sold out.

It is not for me to say what Strelets might have on their list of new sets after the ones we already know about, but I'd suggest that more Napoleonic subjects would be a popular and best-selling option. The definitive set(s) of 1812-15 French infantry still needs to be modelled; Austrian cavalry in a similar style to the latest Prussian sets; Prussian cavalry (Dragoons, Hussars, Uhlans), in advance and/or in attack; French artillery for 1812/15; 1815 Brunswick, Hanoverian, Nassau etc, sets in attack and defence; cameo sets for key actions such as Hougoumont and the Grand Redoubt at Borodino; Hanoverian and British Rifles; skirmishing sets for: British/KGL, French 1812-15, Russian 1812-15, Austrian 1812-15, Prussian 1813-15, and so on..... Great potential, potentially great sales, and hardly a grain of sand in sight.

Re: Its Friday... on Thursday, well nearly Saturday, and more Napoleonics

Well Minuteman I can honestly say I would certainly buy those sets you mentioned if done right and not just the odd box either!!!
Thats the thing about recreating them big impressive Napoleonic battles....they fielded big impressive armies!!
So whether its a diorama of Waterloo or a wargame of Borodino, its fair to say a good, well planned out, well made set will not just sell, but sell in large quantities. forgot the British/KGL Light Dragoons & Hussars!!! 😉😂