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Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

Hi Old John

There is also a book in that Hungarian series on the Kuruc Rebellion, I believe there is a reference to it in the Talon and Claw book. I have nt been able to get that one as yet so dont know what it covers but if i see a copy i shall be having it.

I ll look up the Lanicer Mins you mention

The Mars figures are rather bigger than most, although I have managed to mix a few of their officers in with my Zveda GNW Russians without to much issue.

I have some Hat Huns to paint up as Tatars, as a wargame unit I think they are close enough and may mix the odd new Redbox Russian noble in as a Tatar commander

Colourful period.


John the Red

Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

Hi John the Red
again many thanks for suggestions on books and figures, given me some good ideas, much appreciated , look out for the following slim volume

Ferenc Rakoczi and his Kuruzzenarmee, Revolt of Hungarian Confederation 1704- 1711 by August Kuhn, published by Editions Brokaw 1990 in English, translated from German by Pat Condray and Robert Hall

cheers Old John