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French pikemen

Seeing the actual figures for the French Pikemen set compels me to congratulate Strelets on a pretty good job on the pikes themselves. These weapons, always difficult to mould in plastic, look almost long and slim enough and will surely look good when a body of these gentlemen is massed together. The standard bearer is very good, but the officers are let down, ironically, by polearms which are much too short!

Several of the figures would also be useful as standard bearers, with a suitable paint job to hide the breastplate.

Now, having 'tested' the moulding of pikes with this set and proven this to work, a set of Swedish pikemen for the Great Northern War with suitably aggressive poses and similar pikes might be very useful.

Re: French pikemen

Hallo Minuteman

Lovely figures, i think i will cut of their tricorn hats and them replace them with the Hats from the Mars Box of french late 1600 century infantry and use them for fighting the French,English and Dutch wars, just before the wss .Is that Historical correckt !!!!!!! please help

and again Strelets they are wonderfull

Greatings from Denmark


Re: French pikemen

I think the pikemen pose could possibly be used to make a new pose for the Napoleonic period. I would love the Napoleonic sets to provide figures with large poles at differing angles that we could buy or make our own flags and attach. It would greatly enhance them in my opinion.

Another great period that I am avoiding as i cant afford to go down another rabbit hole. Hopefully they expand the sets to cover guns and crews

What do you all think about my idea?