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Re: Japanese!

Jap gaps , heavy machine gun in action with loader, coastal artillery, ie taken from Singapore and used against the island hoping American forces. Banzai charge , mule supply train.

Re: Japanese!

folks, you are right.

I am looking for figures regarding my Shanghai 1932 project.

so far I found



ppl has to modify both figures from 1/56 or 15mm in order to fit 1/72 scale

so far only 2 companies cover SNLF figures, dressed in blue naval infantry uniforms ( 1/56 scale and 28 mm , not 1/72)

so does Japanese Kurogane tricycles ( 1/76 from UK Matador Model - discontinued )

and Toyota GB truck with AA gun

and AFV type 98 Ko-Hi half-track ( only 1/72 MGM )

more pictures and link at

not many supply.

thank you


Re: Japanese!

just a few quick tips! Try Early War Miniatures for 20mm/1/72 scale figures and equipment.
They also do a considerable range of interwar figures and equipment.
I've just started assembling their metal Kurogane m/cycle combination! All in metal of course.
Paul will also supply separate mules and camels - lots of intersting stuff!
Hope this helps
Stay safe folks