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Re: Japanese!

Hi Pa
yes Strelets are giving us a nice range, but I was specifically wondering about the Winter Japs.
Being greedy, I suppose I always want more! I've tried the artillery sets but to be honest I'd prefer them in hard plastic or metal as I find assembly, glueing etc a tricky, and sometimes the pieces seem a bit fragile. Hence, my personal preferance is for hard plastic, metal.
Looking at my old collections, the problem is that so many of them lack compatibility, and more importantly lack heavy weapons etc!
I'd therefore like to see a coherent range of compatible sets, complementing each other. My thoughts for an ideal world! This is course just my personal observations and wants, it's horses for courses so to speak!
I just hope that Strelets continues to develop their Japanese range, as I said in another thread I'd love to see the American Civil War range expanded - I'd love to see Big Box Union and Confederate artillery sets with limbers, command figures etc.

Re: Japanese!

Jap gaps , heavy machine gun in action with loader, coastal artillery, ie taken from Singapore and used against the island hoping American forces. Banzai charge , mule supply train.