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Re: Japanese!

Cold weather Japanese would be nice but there are a fair few Japanese sets but only one Chinese and I think we need a couple of sets that are better done. Not least because Communists and Nationalists could be used for the post 1945 fighting.

Re: Japanese!

I surely agree with Graham. WW2 China was a very hard place to be, but our hobby seems to neglect that....

Re: Japanese!

Hi again
to my knowledge, but off the top of my head I can only think of the Airfix Japs, who are showing their age (like me) as I rework my Jap forces and Strelets in current production.
I have numbers of the old Esci, Matchbox and Revell sets, all very nice and with good points, but not so easy to get nowadays, without paying "silly money" on Ebay!
Hence, I'm thinking it would be nice if somebody like Strelets would do the same as with American Civil War and revitalise the Far East with new Japs and opponents, with matching equipment.
Well, I'll dream on..............
Stay safe all

Re: Japanese!

Well Richard tbh I think that no manufacturer has ever provided us who are interested in the Far East with as many sets as Strelets: two sets of infantry, paratroopers, two sets of light AA weapons, "heavy" infantry weapons, field artillery. And at least on further set is in the works as hinted by recent "Friday previews": artillery crew of some sort, which I am looking forward too hoping the sculpts will be improved up to Strelets' latest standard.

I have to agree with Graham a set or two of Chinese is lacking. Then Japanese in winter gear would have someone to fight. I'd also like to see some 14th Army troops for the Burma campaign. Regards, Pa

Re: Japanese!

Hi Pa
yes Strelets are giving us a nice range, but I was specifically wondering about the Winter Japs.
Being greedy, I suppose I always want more! I've tried the artillery sets but to be honest I'd prefer them in hard plastic or metal as I find assembly, glueing etc a tricky, and sometimes the pieces seem a bit fragile. Hence, my personal preferance is for hard plastic, metal.
Looking at my old collections, the problem is that so many of them lack compatibility, and more importantly lack heavy weapons etc!
I'd therefore like to see a coherent range of compatible sets, complementing each other. My thoughts for an ideal world! This is course just my personal observations and wants, it's horses for courses so to speak!
I just hope that Strelets continues to develop their Japanese range, as I said in another thread I'd love to see the American Civil War range expanded - I'd love to see Big Box Union and Confederate artillery sets with limbers, command figures etc.

Re: Japanese!

Jap gaps , heavy machine gun in action with loader, coastal artillery, ie taken from Singapore and used against the island hoping American forces. Banzai charge , mule supply train.

Re: Japanese!

folks, you are right.

I am looking for figures regarding my Shanghai 1932 project.

so far I found



ppl has to modify both figures from 1/56 or 15mm in order to fit 1/72 scale

so far only 2 companies cover SNLF figures, dressed in blue naval infantry uniforms ( 1/56 scale and 28 mm , not 1/72)

so does Japanese Kurogane tricycles ( 1/76 from UK Matador Model - discontinued )

and Toyota GB truck with AA gun

and AFV type 98 Ko-Hi half-track ( only 1/72 MGM )

more pictures and link at

not many supply.

thank you


Re: Japanese!

just a few quick tips! Try Early War Miniatures for 20mm/1/72 scale figures and equipment.
They also do a considerable range of interwar figures and equipment.
I've just started assembling their metal Kurogane m/cycle combination! All in metal of course.
Paul will also supply separate mules and camels - lots of intersting stuff!
Hope this helps
Stay safe folks