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Re: Pathans / Northwest Frontier

Robert Richman
Their are only Red Box and Italieri (Moslem Warriors) at present. Now that we have Highlanders in attack wouldn't it be nice to have Pathans from Strelets?

I totally agree with you Robert. Especially since we have precedents at Strelets. The Rif War between the Rif warriors and Legionaries (with I hope soon Spanish Soldiers and Zouaves). The Boer War between Boers and British soldiers including the Scots. One of the low-cost sequels would be to produce afgan warriors. (It should be noted that Esci had dealt with the Zulu War. This is one of their best production, in my humble opinion, with the engraving mainly of the Martini-Henry rifle and beautiful Zulu warriors). Yes Pathan warriors would be welcome.



Re: Pathans / Northwest Frontier

Can of worms, then you have Afgans, regular/irregular infantry and cavalry , Artillery , all manner of uniforms never done in 1/72 ....can you imagine the excitement ,we are all getting older and too much excitement is not good for any of us......

Re: Pathans / Northwest Frontier

I agree: Spanish and Zuoaves for RIF War and Afghans / Pasthuns for Northern Frontier.

Re: Pathans / Northwest Frontier

Hear, hear!

Generic Pathans, v. versatile in period, tribe etc.