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Re: Highlanders 1899 and FFL Artillery

I ordered these boxes (along with others), and I look forward to them. I will finally complete my British army in the confines of South Africa. Over the hills and far away for the Great White Queen. (Even for a Frenchman this is well known (and no I do not eat frogs, no more than snails! !!). Smile now because it's just a joke. But I'm so glad I can get my colonial units. Thanks to Strelets.

Best regards


Re: Highlanders 1899 and FFL Artillery

I am English and never eaten frogs , but snails I have eaten lots, and for those who have not had the pleasure, they taste like chewy mushrooms. I am also eagerly awaiting the new sets the FFL artillery being top of the list.

Re: Highlanders 1899 and FFL Artillery

In a major UK retailer (D&F), new items just appeared. Soon enough other retailers (Hannants etc) will follow. Let's do our duty gentlemen!!!
P.S. in Greece, we eat mousaka, kokoretsi, gyros, keftedakia (meat balls) etc