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Re: American anti-tank team

Size wise it looks like the M20 to me, but I dont think the size will stop it from being used as other types :wink:

Re: American anti-tank team

I'm ignorant on this so very willing to learn. To what extent were recoilless rifles used in WWII? I don't recall ever seeing a picture of one and it just seems wrong. However, it seems to me the crew could be repurposed with more traditional AT guns.

Re: American anti-tank team

Im asking myself, if the team uses M 20-recoilless gun....or M 40 ??

M 20 can be used for end of WW II and Korean War...

M 40 for Vietnam- and Cold-War...

What do you think ?

The title of this set does not specifically mention WW2, so it is perhaps possible that Strelets may be dipping a toe in the waters of the post 1945 era?

If the set is intended to be a WW2 American Anti-tank team then the fact remains that it would have been better to have modelled a combination of bazooka teams and anti-tank gun crew. This would have given two bazooka team and the rest 'gunners' on each sprue. Bazookas have been notably badly-modelled in 1/72 (and 1/76) plastic so a definitive and accurate rendition in this Streets set would have been wonderful. Would have been.....

As it is, I can see myself buying a set just to get some kneeling American artillery crew. The recoilless rifles will fast track into my spares box.

Re: American anti-tank team

From what I can see The M20 was used at the end of WW2 both in the European and Pacific theatres but only in limited numbers. Its main use came in the Korean War and in Indochina where it was used widely by the French.

Re: American anti-tank team

Please l am sorry for being a problem but I thought the M18 came first.

Re: American anti-tank team

Will use the crews but not the rifles, the tripods come in handy for conversions.

While the box says four guns included, the sprue scans show there are actually a whoppin' eight (that's 8) in each set.