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Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

many thanks for suggestions, very helpful, am already ok for Cossacks, there is a set of Polish Haiduks that look useful, got inspired for this project by reading books and articles by Bruno Mugani on the conflicts in Crete, Corfu & Balkans versus Venice plus recently was able to purchase a large collection of Ottomans, which can be used for many conflicts in the era, like against GNW Russians, Siege of Vienna (where Winged Hussars and other sets come in handy) have already got a small Venetian army and allies (Germans & Maltese!!)
Also researching Moldavians , and Wallachians for same period, the possibilities are endless
love this hobby
cheers Old John

Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

suggested reading
all these published by Helion Books in UK in Century of the Soldier series

No 22 Peter the Great Humbled Russo -Ottoman War 1711
No 33 Cretan war 1645-1671 Venetians - Ottoman
No 47 Wars & Soldiers in early reign Louis XIV volume 2 Imperial army 1657-1687
No 48 Saxon Mars & his force 1680-91
No 55 Wars &soldiers in early reigh Louis XIV Volume 3 Ottoman armies 1645-1718

also a magazine "Military History & Uniforms", several articles on Venetians published by Bruno Mugani, this was on line not sure if it still is, some copies in paperback were stocked by Caliver Books in UK

Italian book
L'Ultima Vittoria Della Serenissima Corfu 1716

also published by League of Augsburg
With Talon & Claw GNW 1700-1721 & Eastern Wars 1670- 1723, great pics of painted figures mostly 28mm but a good guide, contains colour uniform and flag plates, written by Barry Hilton

if anyone has other suggestions for books etc on the period will be happy to get them
cheers Old John

Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s


This is an area of interest, partly because I m busy reading the Helion books mentioned, the ones by Bruno Mugnai are excellent.

I can add a book or two to your list which will help with the painting and conversion side

Warriors of the Hungarian Frontier 1526 - 1686 (2014)

The Army of Transylvania 1559 - 1690 (2013)

Both by Gyozo Somogyi
Part of a wider series on Hungarian soldiers from 950 to 1945, basically full of pictures of troops of various armies, horses, weaponary, flags etc etc, very basic text in English and Hungarian. Plenty of them available a few years ago, bit more difficult to get hold of now but lovely.

Figure wise I recon you have a few Mars sets - Imperialist infantry (which are modelled on pictures of the siege of Vienna)and you could use their Spanish or French figs as well. Think they have a box or two of Moldavians or Wallachians. Redbox, Orion and of course Zveda all have some good figs for the Poles and Turks. Plasticsoldierreview has all the links and pics on the boxes.

Strelets Basi basouks could be used for Balkan infantry (Bosnians, Albanians etc)?

The new WSS Strelets range could fight your Turks post 1700, in the final stages of the Habsburg-Ottoman wars which ran up to 1718.

A Strelet set of wide brimmed hat wearing Fusiliers or Musketeers (Early WSS) would work with both this period and the start of the WSS.

Imperialist horse tended to be heavily armoured and look more like TYW troopers. So you could use the Waterloo 'Cromwell's Cavalry' set although its bit limited pose wise. They would also fill a gap in the new WSS range as Imperialist/Danish/Bavarian Kuirassiers who fought for and against the Sun King. Better if Strelets made a set though.

Irregular Miniature do some metal 20mm figures which would fit in as well.

Be interested in how your project comes along and any conversions you proceed with


Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

many thanks for all your suggestions , very helpful, will try and find the Hungarian books you mentioned and yes have already got the sets from various plastic makers, GNW Russians from Strelets ideal for campaigns against Ottomans as are other GNW sets from different makers, will also check out the Moldavians and Wallachians you mentioned

Irregular Miniatures do some useful figures but amm not keen on their horses so i mount riders on larger horses also Lancer Miniatures in UK do some very nice suitable figures in their Grand Alliance range

amongst latest box from collection arrived yesterday found some Mongols that have possibilities to be converted as Tatars

also looking at doing Hungarian rebels in same period to fight Imperalists, as i've said period 1680s to 1720s has great possibilites , so colourful with so many nations involved
it's a great hobby
cheers Old John

Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

Hi Old John

There is also a book in that Hungarian series on the Kuruc Rebellion, I believe there is a reference to it in the Talon and Claw book. I have nt been able to get that one as yet so dont know what it covers but if i see a copy i shall be having it.

I ll look up the Lanicer Mins you mention

The Mars figures are rather bigger than most, although I have managed to mix a few of their officers in with my Zveda GNW Russians without to much issue.

I have some Hat Huns to paint up as Tatars, as a wargame unit I think they are close enough and may mix the odd new Redbox Russian noble in as a Tatar commander

Colourful period.


John the Red

Re: Suitable figures for Balkans circa 1680s

Hi John the Red
again many thanks for suggestions on books and figures, given me some good ideas, much appreciated , look out for the following slim volume

Ferenc Rakoczi and his Kuruzzenarmee, Revolt of Hungarian Confederation 1704- 1711 by August Kuhn, published by Editions Brokaw 1990 in English, translated from German by Pat Condray and Robert Hall

cheers Old John