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Mule Mounted Company & Camel Stretcher Bearer

This subject has dropped pretty far down the forum so I'll continue it up here.

Thank you ironsides for your new suggestions again below! Anywho, some thoughts ...

If Strelets wanted to make a FFL Mule Mounted Company & Camel Stretcher Bearer Set, it could work with only two new sprews, or separately and with only one new sprew for each set, make two new sets using existing sprews also:

New Sprew with (1) Officer's Horse and (5) Riding Mules with saddle, rear saddle bags, and front saddle wallets already moulded on.

Existing Sprew: FFL Desert Patrol with (6) Mounted Legionarries and (8) Walking.

* There is one new set with only 1 new sprew and 1 existing sprew *

Existing Sprew: Three-camel sprew with two standing and one resting. (already come with holes for pegs)

New Sprew: (2) Plug-in stretchers / litters with double-pegs; one for each side of camel and separate wounded men to put on stretchers / litters. (2) Cacolets (chairs) with single pegs to plug-in on both sides of camels with separate sitting Legionnaires to sit in them.

* There is another new set with only 1 new sprew and 1 existing sprew *

Note 1 - Two sprews of new horse / mules and two existing legionnaires sprews in a box, you make a complete set / box of FFL Mounted Company, again with only one new sprew.

Note 2 - A Camel Evacuation Team with only one new sprew of stretchers, cacolets, and men, and putting two sprews of camels and two sprews of accessories in a box, and it would work for any WWI Camel sets and the FFL.

Or combine or not! Something to think about :palm_tree:

Note 3 - Enter "camel stretcher bearer" in Google Images and you'll see heaps of WWI photos.

Again, thank you ironsides for your advice and links in the original thread. Happy Friday tomorrow - GC

Re: Mule Mounted Company & Camel Stretcher Bearer

I fully support these ideas. FFL need their mules, possibly some horses, and camel stretcher bearers. Please bring them on soon. Icing on the cake would be Spanish soldiers including cavalry for the RIF war. Oh what joy if all these had to be produced, always in your debt.