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Re: Please recommend source to buy 1/72 scale Napoleonic paper flags

Warflags is the obvious place to go - a good range and free! Within the Warflags site there is a sub-section called 'Napflags' which is now 20 years old and has some good flags designed for '25mm' figures, which 20 years ago were actually 25mm as opposed to 28mm now.

If you download these then you can scale on your computer screen to fit the true dimensions of a 1/72 flag.


Rofur flags are designed for 1/72 scale. They're out of business but you still can find them on EBay.

Co-incidentally, I just bought a lot of dozen or more sheets that included a bunch for the Prussian SYW-Napoleonic infantry units that I don't currently need but will keep for future projects.

As for Warflag - certainly. You can find divers flags from other sources by googling. A lot depends, I think, on the quality of your printer.
For some time, Ive been using an industrial quality laser printer from work that produces excellent flags. I use my own superior quality printer paper too.