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Re: Ignorance is bliss.

African American, American Uniforms, French equipment/weapons/helmets though sometimes are shown wearing brodies, they are often shown training with French colonial Troops who wore the French Colonial Uniform.... They fought alongside the French..

See: Scotts Official History

I may be mistaken but l thought the winter overcoats issued to them were french also the replacement foot wear. Have been looking for the article (not Found) l remembered reading with a photo of 3 soldiers wearing the french capote so with that and the helmet they looked much more French than American. How ever they might of used a photo of French colonial troops.

Re: Ignorance is bliss.

The US Greatcoat should have been issued from the start but it wouldn't suprise me if clothing was supplemented from french supplies, the first thing to go would likely be the gaiters, most armys change dramatically in combat and the French themselves gave a wide leeway as to what was worn in the trenches in anycase so theres no absolute right and wrong... on parade is a different matter.


Re: Ignorance is bliss.

I admin about 40 groups on Facebook most are toy soldier or warfare related. One on WWII German Heavy Tanks has over 18,000 members. It also draws more wackos than all my other groups combined.

They say the most offensive and foolish and typically false things that you cannot even imagine. We, my moderators and I, have banned and blocked over 1,000 people. The biggest problem is they won't stay on topic and want to talk WWII politics, or disparage other tanks or soliders.

We are very clear about the rules and have them posted in several places. Most get one or two strikes and they are out. Potentially every comment is read by 18,000 people who are following the rules.

This is one of the best groups I have ever been on and read it nearly every day.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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