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Hi again Minuteman
I see you make a lot of posts! Well, things get more complicated as I have a range of interests. Age - coming up 67 - and health problems impact on work,as does the heatwave - horrible - which I still do a little of and hobbies.
I don't recommend getting old - second childhood? I haven't finished my first yet, but sadly there's no going round again.
i don't suppose I'll ever turn out works of art but I'm attempting some basic paint jobs. Thanks for your advice, I'm trying undercoating a test batch of 10 Zouaves with Hobbycraft white glue (actually clear) which I think is similar to to PVA.
Thinking about models I've tried in the past I've had similar problems. I remeber doing a Matchbox Heinkel 111 and having a problem painting that, but oddly enough, another "on the go" project is the Matchbox FW190 which seems to be taking paint quite well. Again, resin models sometimes give problems. However, I don't lose any sleep over these issues, after all, it's just a fun hobby!
The Jacklex ACW artillery are coming along quite nicely, having been undercoated with acrylic black.
I just wish they'd provided alternative Union/Confederate gunners, and gunners actually serving the gun! However, it's nice to find a set with limbers and riders, which is where the ancient Airfix set scored. I'm always collecting, I'm currently awaiting an overdue order of the new Mars German Nightfighters which look interesting.....
I'm sure I'm not alone in missing Harfields Military Figures, who specialised in secondhand and discontinued figures etc. I'm surprised that nobody to it over as a going concern. I expect Skirmish is cancelled for this Sep, but I used to go whenever possible, and spent a great deal of money buying up and rare figures for my units and projects
Problem is, I have too many projects on the go at once as you may have seen in my previous threads, various AFV kits to finish, repainting and refitting old divisions,, trying to finish off Ark Royal.
My approach, which perhaps isn't the wisest or best is to start another project as one nears completion so I have never ending production lines!
I must be off now with so much too do and so little time, however, these forum threads do keep me stimulated and informed, so thank you Strelets! Keep the Forum threads going folks!
Best regards to all and stay safe


I feel I also fit into a few categories. I'll always be a collector as I enjoy buying new sets. My painting has improved and I paint more often and enjoy it, so I am a painter. I've made a few dioramas and now my painting is better, I plan on doing more dioramas. If I knew people local to me then I would start war gaming!


Hi Rich
you sound very similar to me especially with regard to wargames, lack of opponents being the main problem.
As I said in the Age thread I did try a local group but they seemed to have no time for or interest in new members. They ware just their own little clique and even at Skirmish shows they seem oblivious to onlookers, being wrapped up in their own games!
I'm thinking about dioramas, but it's always a question of finding space, I've filled up our box room, I have a cupboard in our spare front bedroom with aircraft, and an old wall unit holding the stash - it's all got out of control over the years!
If ever I stop work and retire, health permitting I can get on with more things......
Again, with a few tips other people, I'm trying to improve my painting but as I've said it's just a hobby.
Best regards to all and stay safe


Richard, if I could offer you two tips that I was given that have helped me with my painting:

Go to Acrylics and ditch the Humbrol.I use Vallejo Model Colour range.

Secondly, if you're not invested in lots of shading/dry brushing layering techniques etc, get Army Painter Quick Shade bottles. They act as a really simple wash and will improve any bit of basic painting. Finish your painting and then just brush the wash all over. Go on Army Painter website and they will show you a comparison of before and after.


I am an unintentional collector. During my working life, I collected sets with the intention of painting them " when I have time". Of course, when I retired I still didn't have time, and in fact the idea of trying to paint them all makes me stressed. So I paint a very small few from time to time and otherwise just admire what I have, occasionally setting the unpainted masses up for fun. If I could afford it, I would have someone paint them all, so I buy a lottery ticket occasionally. It's not like I don't have a plan.


I am a bit of a Hybrid - Collector, Painter and very occasional Diorama builder. Collector first - as I seem to spend so little time actually modelling or achieving anything of note and I keep amassing my figure sets and kits without much output. Painter/modeller next, as when I do get to paint or convert something I get real joy from what I have achieved and finally Diorama next.

Although the concept of a large scale scene of the "Charge of the Light Brigade" has always appealed, it is in fact(for me) impractical, better to stick to small vignettes with a handful of painted and based figures. Same with "Rorkes Drift" - great idea to make the entire buildings and surrounds , but more manageable to produce a small element or set-piece of the conflict.

I am not a wargamer so that does not feature at all with myself … although I do joke with some wargamer friends that it is the "dark side of the hobby"! :wink:


Hi all,

As of Aug 13 12.30 GMT - here are the latest poll stats:

Wargamer = 30% (15)
Diorama Modeller = 2% (1)
Miniature Painter = 38% (19)
Collector = 28% (14)
Other/None of the Above = 2% (1)

Total votes cast = 50


Very interesting, Baratheon. Thank you for keeping track!


Collector and to some extent diorama modeller.