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Re: Help Please

Could be worse, I suppose, you could have been discussing a book by David Hamilton-Williams!

Hope you get back.

This anglophone thing; I wonder what drives popularity of periods and whether it has anything to do with English-speaking markets? I am guessing less than might once have been the case.

I tend to assume that much depended on the Good Ol' US of A, being presumably traditionally the biggest market. That explains, presumably, why the ACW is so popular, as opposed to the equally interesting, and arguably more colourful, European and South American conflicts of the period.

I assume that Napoleonics has been supported so well because, despite having only a limited North American connection, it has been embraced by US gamers as well as Brits and Europeans.

Further proof that tastes are not necessarily anglo-centric or concerned with North American themes is the relative neglect of the 7YW other than Prussian and Austrian forces in Euorpe. It is the global dimension that largely concerned the Brits (though I'm a fan of both Minden and the breaking windows with guineas amphibian campaign), which includes the North American theatre, which is relatively neglected.

I conclude that the bias is towards wars and theatres where big battles between large forces occurred, which omits a lot of more interesting stuff that would often better suit the limitations of the table-top.

On the other hand, this particular constituency might represent a particular grew-up-with-Airfix generation (I know I did), and modern 28mm ranges arguably show more diversity of subject matter. Perhaps that market is not so dependent on the Big Three of Napoleonics, ACW, and WW2.

Re: Help Please

The 1/72 market is generally geared toward traditional topics of British interest (Hastings, Hundred Years' War, Waterloo, WWII), although thanks to companies such as Strelets and Zvezda some Russo-Ukrainian topics have become more popular in the past two decades (Great Northern War anyone?). The 1/32 scale is shaded very heavily toward USA themes such as the North American theatre of the Seven Years' War, Texas Rebellion (The Alamo), Battle of the Little Bighorn, and of course WWII. The two scales overlap sometimes, but perhaps not as often as expected.