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Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

Hi James,

Yes I saw them, they're really nice indeed! And what about the wonderful hoplites on the march? I love the one who carries a possibly wine jar with him.

Still waiting for the stunning Teutoburg legionaries to be produced :)

All the best,


Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

I also really like what they do. The engraving, the poses, the movement, and the supplies seem to me quite close to what I expect. Knowing that we do not know everything and that the reconstruction and archaeology regularly relearn us.

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

The sculptor they work with is very good indeed. And I too am looking forward to the new Romans sets.

They have updated their page again - this time, photos of box art for the mini-sets. But I am somewhat disappointed to see confirmation that there will be only 4 figures/box. I was hoping for 12/box.

So, I hope their pricing strategy will be reasonable, otherwise for me, they may go the same way of the Zvezda mini-sets - that is, right to the bottom of my shopping list unfortunately. The Zvezda mini-sets, in my opinion, are too expensive for what you I'm prioritizing my spending on normal 48/box infantry or 12/box cavalry sets.

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

Hoplites on the march? more likely a pub crawl :smiley:

The jar is likely loot.. or should be, should be a waterskin less heavy or fragile, mostly I think the sculpting is good but not some of the poses, more servants carrying kit, shield, spear, helmet... and supplies Zvezda provided one pose in the spartan set but its not enough by far... :wink:

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

It's true that 4 figurines per box is not much. The content must be excellently sculpted and the price adjusted, otherwise it seems to me that will be difficult to sell. It's really an ancillary supplement for a diorama.

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

Dear all,

Like Strelets' forum and website, linear-a's 'new masters' pages are worth visiting regularly, aren't they? II'd missed these updates, thanks for pointing them out.

- Those additional 'on the march' figures look beaut don't they? In keeping with linear-a's novel/quality approach. 'On a pub crawl', love it! Personally, I do not go anywhere without a keg, or at least the 'emergency half-carton', haha!
- Surely, having produced such lovely figures linear-a will not 'do a Zvezda' and price them out of the market? We can but see, as you all note.

I might ask directly. I emailed a while back and received a prompt, direct and friendly reply.

Regards, James

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

Price is going to depend on moulding/production cost what method is used is crucial, cost of masters, printing etc and everything else which goes with manufacturing a product generally, though smaller sets are unlikely to be significantly cheaper as cost of sculpting is way down the list on expenses so fewer figures doesn't necesarily mean a cheaper set...
What may happen is they produce a short run injection tool for several sets on the same sprue and then cut them up to produce the different sets...
Zvezda also seem to be reissuing there older sets at least the ones I bought recently were all brand new (new slightly different format sealed boxes) and less then 10€ a box, so maybe more will follow :wink:

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

I assume that the minisets will provide those unique figures that you don't want multiple copies, who needs several goats being dispatched, and will be quite costly because you will probably only buy one of them. This is fine by me. Allows you to make those little vignettes that gives an army flavour without having loads of excess figures that you've got no use. Obviously, I want figures as cheap as possible but no point if manufacturers can't make a return.

Re: #030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia

Nicely sculpted masters as always from Linear-A! I do have a few concerns though, although for many they are smaller quibbles that do not detract from the figures much.

1) The shield positioning from Linear-A has me concerned compared to what Strelets Mini was able to do in their Ancient/Medieval sets, particularly the early editions (STRM001 through STRM020). Set #017 seems very flat, and having the two pick axe wielding men in full armour would have been strange even in the Kalkriese ambush situation (they would become fatigued extremely quickly in that kit). The shield bearing pose in Set #030 looks quite unnatural, and one of the shown poses in Set #020 suffers from severe case of flatness as well, although the Thera spearman on the far left is a sublime pose. Give me 12 poses of that spearman with and without helmets and I would be a very happy archaeologist.

2) PSR mentioned this for the Etruscan cavalry set's female pose as well, but the amphorae jar the Greek in Set #019 is carrying would have been really heavy and prone to breaking the handle of the jar. These were not made of steel and archaeological remains have proven they were one of the most prone parts of the jar to break. The Greeks, particularly hoplites, also brought a lot of servants/attendants with them on campaign, so having a warrior carrying a jar like this and bearing his full military equipment is probably anachronistic; it would take Philip II of Macedon's reforms before Greco-Macedonian warriors started consistently carrying their own supplies.

I love to see the attempts though, as all the figures have their uses when put in the right situation. Have a nice day everyone! :sunglasses: