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Re: SCW & SJW conversions ideas

Good morning, Pa. You are absolutely correct. If you try to recreate 1/72 in the actual Swoppet style, you'll in most cases have to use 2 figures to get 1 because of the one-piece head with peg. However, when I bought my Hong Kong Copies of I suppose pantographed down Swoppets (Giant Brand), there were plenty of poorly formed figures. To make them useful, they become "spare parts." It would be too expensive and too time consuming to build a whole army of these guys. But that's part of the passion of this hobby, whether painting or converting, just having a little challenging fun! I'm sure someone else could do it better than me and with more economy in mind. For me, if by sharing a few pics of the end product is enjoyable to other hobbiests also, then that makes it all the more rewarding. :innocent:
It certainly is, so many thanks again GC!

Re: SCW & SJW conversions ideas

Just want you to know, Pa, I did rifle thru my old digital pics and couldn't find anything new that was worth posting that is earth-shaking and current. I'm afraid my best work is in the links I posted above. Nothing any more revealing. OK, cheers!