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Re: Foreign Legion Mounted Companies (and Request)

It's an easy conversion just using the camel riders and any left-over mules

Re: Foreign Legion Mounted Companies (and Request)

Very good Fire-at-Will, and thanking for sharing.

Strelets have also sculpted mules in the past for several of their earlier sets, as a couple of people have pointed out previously.

So I'm hoping it would be a relatively easy process for Strelets to gather together their various old mule sculpts, maybe tweak them a bit, make a new mold so they're all on one sprue together, and produce a new set of them - generic mule-train even (for use with any era)...

Re: A few Pics of Foreign Legion Mounted Companies

OK, here are a few pics of the Imex Mex Alamo Cavalry Mules and also Strelets Mules (3 of 4 per set) from an Ancients / Roman Transportation 1 set.

All the medium blue mules are Imex. There is only 1 pose of baggage mules (all 3 mules the same pose) and 1 pose of riding mule with no saddle details. Still the Strelets 6 riders fit nicely when you cut off the camel pegs from the riders ankles. The 3 grey mules are Strelets. Both makers mules match exactly! Still, many of us would like to see Strelets make a "FFL Mounted Companies with Pack Mules" set. Thank you guys for your help! I was waiting for the evening sun to shine through my window to take pics and low and behold, it's clouded up and thunder off in distance. Wouldn't you know it!? :palm_tree:

Re: A few Pics of Foreign Legion Mounted Companies

Everything for two men is carried by one mule + one man rides the same mule, the only pack mules would likely be specials for the officers or heavy weapons(not usual) or perhaps extra water, the object was speed of movement not a huge supply column or to act as cavalry, if you like a mounted infantry fire brigade..
Camels are the normal method of carrying supply loads and these would be hired from locals with local drivers usually in the thousands, but would not be attached to the company as such it was the job of the mule company to protect the routes...


Re: A few Pics of Foreign Legion Mounted Companies

Thank you for your help in posting pics and also your comments. Your "postimages" was surprisingly easy to set up, especially with everyone's very kindly guided steps to help go thru and get it done. Quite painless for me, if not fun. :sweat_smile: . And I hear what you are saying! If Strelets were to go forward with a Mounted Company set it looks like there needs to be more saddled-up mules and only a couple of or a few pack mules. Something that would be interesting is a mule set up with side-seats for injured legionnaires to ride on, but then we'd need two sitting men also. The "monlegionnaire" blog has a photo of this very theme on it's home page right now.

Anywho, I hope other forum members add their ideas for Strelets to read. I'm all thunk-out over this for now. Cheers :palm_tree:

Foreign Legion Mounted Companies with wounded after the battle...

Its called a Cacolet, usually camel or mule in north africa/middle east, there are a number of seated figures in the Hät WW1 artillery sets intended as limber riders but would probarbly work with suitable seats attached to the animal, or alternatively use wounded on a stretcher... put stretcher or stretchers in the PSR search area in the link... even ones that arn't suitable can be covered with a blanket...

The Airfix French WW1 walking wounded works with or without an FFL head as well, use the PSR search to find others that may be suitable...

Not perfect but I think it would look OK particulatly as a group:wink: